Alderman Michael R. Zalewski                         
Serving Chicago's 23rd Ward, Chairman of Committee on Aviation

Additional Links

For your convenience, each link will allow you to download forms that may be found at our office. 

The following are tips taken from the Red Cross website that give advice on preventing frozen pipes in your home. In summary the tips include the following:
1. Let a kitchen/bathroom faucet drip.
2. Open the bathroom/kitchen cabinet doors to expose the plumbing to warm air.
3. Keep the thermostat to the same temperature during day and evening hours.


Recently there have been several reports of scams in the area that impersonate ComEd representatives. Please click on this link for more information. 

ComEd will now be upgrading to smart meters.  Smart meters allow customers to access more information on their electricity use.  For example, customers will be able to see how much energy is used and make changes accordingly, to save money in the future.

For more information:
Click here for flyer in English. Click here for flyer in Spanish.

Enrollment in the Marketplace

The Marketplace created by the Affordable Care Act (also known as "Obamacare") runs through October 1, 2013 to March 31, 2014 with coverage becoming effective no sooner than January 1, 2014. You can find out more about the Marketplace by visiting their website at or calling their tool-free number at 1-800-318-2596.

Midway Noise Abatement Program

Chicago's Mayor, the Department of Aviation, and the 
Midway Noise Compatibility Commission are strongly committed to the Residential Sound Insulation Program. The Residential Sound Insulation Program aims to reduce the impact of aircraft noise in homes surrounding Midway International Airport. The goal of the program is to make it easier for the highest impacted homeowners surrounding Midway to talk on the phone, watch TV, listen to music, take a nap, or have a conversation in their own homes. By properly sound insulating eligible homes, homeowners not only gain a quieter interior, but may also benefit from long-lasting improvements and increased efficiency in their heating and cooling utilities. Call the Residential Sound Insulation Program Inquiry Line at (773) 894-3255.

To see if your property qualifies, please click here. 

For more information regarding the Midway Noise Management, please select here. 

Shared Cost Sidewalk Program

Would you like to repair the sidewalk in front of your property? Is the concrete cracked or broken? If so, fortunately the City of Chicago offers the Shared Cost Sidewalk Program. This program is designed to alleviate some of the cost burdens that are often oppressed on property owners. The Shared Cost Sidewalk Program is an extremely popular program in which residents share the cost of sidewalk repair with the City. All property owners pay the same square-foot cost for new sidewalk: $3 per square foot--well below what a private contractor would charge.

The 2014 program is now closed But, the 2015 program opens to new applicants January 1, 2014.  Applications will only be accepted through the City’s 311 system (by phone or call at 312-744-5000).  Owner information and the property address must be provided at the time of request.

Participation will proceed on a first-come, first-served basis.  Note that the program typically reaches capacity quickly, so you are encouraged to apply early in the year.  Please note that if you applied for the program in previous years, you must apply again.

For the downloadable flyer, please click here. 

Clearing Night Force Neighborhood Watch Group

Clearing Night Force Neighborhood Watch Group promotes neighborhood safety by patrolling the community and contacting police or proper authorities when action is required. They assess community problems through the use of problem solving techniques. As promoted on their website, "Without awareness, concern and proactive intervention, deterioration of a neighborhood becomes inevitable. We just never take our neighborhood for granted. It's "everyone's responsibility to care". That's why we do what we do." More information may be found at


Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch Program

Residents of Garfield Ridge have started a neighborhood watch program referred to as GRNW (Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch). They are in need of adults to patrol the alleys, streets and parks of Beat 811 and would like to encourage the entire community to be aware of their surroundings and report as necessary. Their intent is to curb graffiti and be the eyes and ears of the Chicago Police Department in our community. 
Garfield Ridge Neighborhood Watch program now has an anonymous toll free tip line for non-emergencies, (855) 811-TIPS.

Meter Save

 is a program offered by the City of Chicago Department of Water Management (DWM) to non-metered Chicago homeowners to voluntarily install meters to help them save water and save money.
Water charges in non-metered homes are tied to factors such as building size, lot-size and the number of plumbing fixtures. However, metered homes are billed according to actual water usage. This means that with minimal effort, participating homeowners could save money on their water bills. Because customers with metered homes pay only for the water they use, they can save money while at the same time helping to protect Lake Michigan and save water.

Dog Registration

Is your Dog registered with the City of Chicago? Make sure to register your dog by obtaining a license with the City of Chicago. Also, in order to visit any Chicago Dog Friendly Area (DFA), including the three dog beaches, you need a DFA tag, too! DFA tags should be available at your veterinarian's office for $5, and are good for a single season, starting January 1st. For more information on DFA click here. 

Damages to Property Claim Form

This application will allow you to begin the process to recover money from the City of Chicago for damage to your property.

CEDA Program

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program and Weatherization Program begins September 3rd (For Applicants over 60 or Legally Disabled). Congressional Chicago Office, 6245 S. Archer Avenue, Chicago, IL. 312-886-0481 or the Senior Center at 6117 South Kedzie, Chicago, IL. 312-747-0440.

Public Grade Schools

Eberhart Elementary School            Louis Pasteur Elementary School           Michael M. Bryne School        
3400 W. 65th Pl.                            5434 S. Lockwood                               5329 S. Oak Park                  
Chicago, IL 60629                          Chicago, IL  60638                              Chicago, IL  60638                
773-535-9190                              773-535-2770                                      773-535-2170                         

Peck Elementary School                  Tonti Elementary School             
3826 W. 58th St.                            5815 S. Homan Avenue                         
Chicago, IL  60629                         Chicago, IL  60629                               
773-535-2450                                 773-535-9280                                      

Catholic Grade Schools

St. Nicholas of Tolentine                                  
3721 W. 62nd St.                                                    
Chicago, IL  60632                                                     
St. Rene Goupil School                          St. Daniel the Prophet
6340 S. New England Avenue                5337 S. Natoma
Chicago, IL 60638                                 Chicago, IL 60638
773-586-4414                                       773-586-1225

Public High Schools

Hubbard High School
6200 S. Hamlin
Chicago, IL 60629
(773) 535-2990

Chicago Park District

Stars & Stripes                                Strohacker Park
5100 S. Nordica                               4347 W. 54th Street
Chicago, IL 60638                            Chicago, IL  60632
773-229-1421                                  312-747-6723

Valley Forge Park                            

7131 W. 59th Street                         
Chicago, IL 60638                         

Nottingham Park                                     
7101 W. 63rd Street                               
Chicago, IL  60638                         


Beautiful Savior                                Cross Roads Community Church         Clearing United Methodist

5122 S. Archer Avenue                      5433 S. Austin Avenue                        5717 W. 63rd Street
Chicago, IL 60632                           
Chicago, IL 60638
                              Chicago, IL  60638                                       
         773-767-9066                                    773-767-2133 

Good Shepherd Presbyterian
5550 S. Merrimac Avenue
Chicago, IL 60638

New Life Midway                              Risen Savior Assembly of God          
4101 W. 51st Street                            6061 S. Archer Avenue                    
Chicago IL 60632                              Chicago, IL  60638                           
773-838-9470                                    773-581-5222                                 

St. Camillus                                      St. Daniel the Prophet                       
5426 S. Lockwood                            5300 S. Natoma                              
Chicago IL 60638,                             Chicago, IL 60638                           
773-767-8183                                   773-526-1223                                 

St. Rene Goupil                                
6340 S. New England
Chicago, IL 60638


Chicago Lawn Public Library              Clearing Library                              Garfield Ridge Library
6120 S. Kedzie                                  6423 W. 63rd Place                         6348 S. Archer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60629                             Chicago, IL 60638                           Chicago, IL 60638
312-747-0639                                   312-747-5657                                 312-747-6094

U.S. Postal Service

Clearing Post Office
5645 S. Archer Avenue
Chicago, IL 60638

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